saint valentine

A romantic Valentine to pass in Riviera

Feb 3, 2012


For all those who want to enjoy  a romantic getaway, the occasion of February 14, Saint Valentine could represent the perfect moment to pass a weekend full of surprises in the Riviera.
The proposals of accomodations meet even the most demanding turists, you can plunge in the beauty of the hinterland of the Flower Riviera,  choosing as point of reference one of the fantastic and magical villages like Apricale a stone casket all to be discovered, Dolceacqua  land of Roses or Triora town of the witches.   

Small treasures honored with the Orange Flags and pearls of hospitality  and quality of life, enchanted places, perfect for a romantic getaway for a few days from the stress and the hectic pace of everyday life.
You can visit the historical centers of the towns, get lost in their suggestive and labyrinth paths that characterize the villages of the hinterland, a few steps from the sea and from the coast  but protected behind by the beautiful colors and fragrances of the  Maritime Alps.
At any time you can enjoy for lunch,  snack or for dinner the best specialities of the Ligurian cuisine  of the extreme Ponent, all you have to do is take your pick.
Even the stay on the coast could turn out to be a good occasion to fully cherish the winter sea, full of romance and charm.
You may have the occasion to come across a wonderful day of spring in deep winter, here in Riviera , it’s not that difficult, just a few sunbeams and no sea breeze from the coast and you can  dart on the bike path with bicycle, skates or just for a walk between sea, sky and Mediterranean nature.
For the couples who don’t want to renounce to the pleasure of worldliness even for San Valentine, remember that on February 14 will begin the Festival of San Remo and the City of Flowers  will become as if by magic  the center of the world of music, of entertainment and of gossip!