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Mar 24, 2012
Il progetto Turisti a 4 Zampe

Il progetto Turisti a 4 Zampe

In the past days, the  Ministry of Tourism launched the new project Turisti a 4 zampe,(Four- legged tourists) dedicated to all those who love to travel in the company of their pet.

“Two are the purposes of the project: to improve the touristic competiveness in Italy and at the same time, to fight against the  deplorable phenomenon of the abandonment of animales.”

The iniziative is supported by the web portal with a very pleasant graphic, that contains a series of tips and a list of accomodation facilities that accept pets.

Naturally also our hotel is on the portal, as it has always welcomed your small friends: so much that the Nyala Suite Hotel has created a special card  of services: Nyala Pet Hospitality, for the hospitality of cats, dogs, etc.

In addition in our hotel accompained pets :) don’t pay a cent !

In exhibition the watercolors by Libereso Gugliemi

The watercolors by Libereso Gugliemi are visitable in the prestigous Nyala Art Rooms. It’s about delicate representations of flowers, plants and vegetables, characterized by representive lightness and expressive immediacy. The subjects, now taken  individually and then gathered in small or big families are studied and loved by Libereso. In all of them the gardener of Mario Calvino  captures the essentiality, the personality. Every flower, every plant has its own story. And Gugliemo Liberese tells it through these delicate and light representations.

Libereso Guglielmi

Nyala Art Rooms
Every day from 9:00 am to 7:00pm
Free entrance

The Nyala Suite Hotel changes skin on Facebook

Mi Piace il Nyala Suite Hotel su FB

Nowadays social networks are an important part of  websites, their importance are comparable to the importance of a website. They’re considered as a  tool of direct communication with potential clients, they’re also considered as a new showcase, where anyone can satisfy his curiosity.

Strong of all the works of  modernization which have taken place  this year (all the rooms completly rennovated in the equipment and in the furnishing, new public areas and much more), the Nyala Suite Hotel, has decided to redo the  make up of its website, with the release of its  http://www.nyalahotel.com/en/ website, that occured a few months ago and of a new “I like it”  page (ex  “Fan” page) on Facebook.

The new page on Facebook dedicated to the Nyala Suite hotel, presents a new graphic interface of design, on the left menu you can find a series of informations related to the hotel, rooms, public areas and also all the services that our hotel offer, all ” colored” by brand new photos.

Slippering towards the footer of the page you can find all the specialities of the hotel, cycling and family, members respectively of the Italy Family and the Italy Bike Hotel, therefore more informations about all the additional services offered by these categories.
Last but not least, our hotel is pet friendly, our four legged friends are not only accepted but also cuddled as if they were at home.

Another important part of the page are the special offers, keeping this section under control you can benefit of special holiday packages at absolutely attractive prices and conditions but remember: the offers are valid only for those who “like” our page and are only bookable  through our contattiv.

So, are you curious?  Want  a vacation? Start with  “I like it”  and you won’t get disappointed and get ready for a vacation!!



A family holiday in San Remo

Last year three thousand families have chosen our hotel in San Remo for their holidays.

The panoramic position of the Nyala Hotel in San Remo

The panoramic position of the Nyala Hotel in San Remo

San Remo is a perfect place to bring children all year long: the healthy and unique climate of the Flower City made it become the main resort of the Mediterranean from 1860 to 1940, where royals and aristocratic  habitually  frequented it for long or short periods of convalescence.

The peculiarity of the climate is still the same today and it’s also certified by a recent Canadian research which has elected  San Remo as the town  with the best climate in the world. The rarity of the San Remo climate lies in the limited temperature range between day and night and between summer and winter.


Playground of the Nyala Hotel in San Remo

Playground of the Nyala Hotel in San Remo

The panoramic location of our hotel, surrounded by nature, at 80 m above sea level is perfect also for the health of your children as it protects them against pollution and particulate matter of the busy via Aurelia that crosses the entire city, as well as mitigating the humid effects of the sea. It’s not a case that the Solaro area was preferred by many aristocrats that built luxurious nineteenth century villas, with the park of one of them that now is the setting for our pool.

By choosing our hotel for the holidays, you’ll find a staff accustomed to work with children and that are aware of their needs, besides a special hospitality in the scene of the Flower Riviera, with bigger traditional rooms above the average and a substantial number of   junior suites with dimensions and comfort of the upper class, which are going through a complete renewal in these weeks.

Playroom of the Nyala Suite Hotel in San Remo

Playroom of the Nyala Suite Hotel in San Remo

Our programs for 2011 also include a mini club service with assistance during the period of the school holidays: April 22-25, from June 26 to September 3 and from December 28  to January 6.

During the whole year the hotel offers a fenced playground surrounded by greenery with a slide, swings and spring toys and a nearby area with football table, ping pong, giant chess and checkers. A 15 sq.m. playroom with wooden toys, board games, children’s books , DVDs  with cartoons and video games.

Our restaurant is equipped with high chairs and cushions  for younger kids and cutlery  and glasses for children. Our chefs will offer a different baby menu everyday and will always be ready to prepare meals  for small children. For mom and dad there’s a small equipped kitchen at their disposal for the preparation of  baby food  just like at home in any moment of the day or night.

On our site you can find all the information for a pleasant family holiday in San Remo and our  special rates for  families with kids from 0 to 17 years old! Our hotel is member of the Italy Family Hotels, the National Consortium  that  unites hotels  for families with kids and adheres to the services brochure.

La posizione panoramica del Nyala Hotel di Sanremo

The essence and spirituality of Gabriele Colletto’s Portrait

Jul 5, 2011
Un'immagine di Gabriele Colletto

An image of Gabriele Colletto


These are portraits  capable of returning to the surface the interiority and the substance of existence. Places in which the subjects can find their truth and painting can reach its peak. All this is enclosed  in the exhibition  “L’anima ritratta” (The Potrayed Soul) of the young  Piedmont artist Gabriele Colletto cured by the art critic Giorgia Cassini.

The exhibition begins today and it opens the new summer project sponsored by the Nyala Art Rooms. L’ anima ritratta houses  works created by Colletto specially for this event, portraits  in oil and acrylic on canvas that testifies from 2007 till now his professional growth, his visceral taste for the documentary approach both delicate and invasive. «it’s the research for authenticity – says Doc. Mrs. Georgia Cassini – that thrills Colletto first. Portraits that become a sort of mirror that  reveals in an explicit and clear way the soul of the subject of the portrait from which he builds the biography by frames. An exposition that in its wholeness celebrates the aesthetic dimension of spirituality , of the hard living as bright moments of every human being”.

An artistic approach  that according to Colletto’s intentions paraphrases Cezanne’s thought: “ In my works I proceed slowly, because painting is extremely complex  and the progresses for me to achieve are endless. It’s not enough to see one’s work well: it’s necessary to go beyond, feel it with exactness  and then express oneself  with force and  clarity”.

Art Rooms
Nyala Suite Hotel Sanremo
until 17 July.
Everyday, from 10 a.m to 7 p.m.
Free admittance