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SanremoinFiore 2012

One of the events that contributed in making the City of Flowers famous in Europe and in the World is the Sanremoinfiore, the traditional parade of the Floral Floats of San Remo.

The Corso Fiorito of San Remo began in 1904,  over 100 years ago, when the carriages were decorated with flowers and created with great mastery and  creativity by the San Remo crossbreeders that presented their lastest floral creations.

In the past this event was called  “Feast of the Goddess Flora”, an important floral homage to the flowers of San Remo that were and still are  the motor of the economy of the city, so much to call San Remo the “City of Flowers”.

Through the years, the name of the Parade of the Floral Floats  changed many times, it was first called  “Italia in Fiore” (Italy in Bloom) then “Battaglia dei Fiori” (Battle of the Flowers) and Getto dei Fiori” (Shot of Flowers),  up to the most classical name: “Corso Fiorito” .

The editions continued until 1966 and after followed a pause until the 1980’s when the event started to reappear always in a different way with a great explosion of media and full of side events like folk groups, marching bands, dancers.

Great impetus to the SanremoInfiore was surely given by the live broadcast of Sunday morning on the TV chanel Raiuno during the program “Linea Verde”.

The view of the flower- covered floats with their explosion of colors and freshness, near the seashore with a beautiful sun and under a blu sky in late January, therfore in deep winter, has always been a wonderful visiting card for San Remo and for the mild climate of the Flower Riviera.

The floats that participate to the parade are decorated by some of the communes of the province of  Imperia and Savona, every year the parade has a different theme and a title is given to each town to take ispiration for their creation.

The planning of the float takes a few months but its decoration with thousands of fresh flowers grown in Riviera is done over one night, dozens of dressing artists, volunteers and passionates work all night from sunset to dawn to create these beautiful floats that will parade in the morning  to be admired and judged  long the streets of San Remo.

The appointment for 2012 will be for Sunday March 25, from two years the date of the Parade of the Floral Floats has been moved to the end of March for organizational issues of the City of San Remo for the planning of the events.

The theme for the editon 2012 will be: “Le ore nel mondo”  (The hours in the world) and the change of the time zones, combining the theme with the return of the daylight-saving time expected for the night between  March 24-25 2012.

The communes of the province of  Imperia that will partecipate to the parade will be: Bordighera, Cipressa, Dolceacqua, Imperia, Ospedaletti, Santo Stefano al Mare, Seborga, Taggia, Ventimiglia and Golfo Dianese.

While the cities from which the floral floats must take inspiration are the following: Hawaii, San Francisco, New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, Cairo, Moscow, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney.

There will be many novelties presented in the edition 2012 of the SanremoInFiore , the weekend before the parade will be full of events in theme with the the flowers of San Remo and the whole city will prepare many initiatives for this edition.

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