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San Remo: hotels and pets

Mar 24, 2012
Il progetto Turisti a 4 Zampe

Il progetto Turisti a 4 Zampe

In the past days, the  Ministry of Tourism launched the new project Turisti a 4 zampe,(Four- legged tourists) dedicated to all those who love to travel in the company of their pet.

“Two are the purposes of the project: to improve the touristic competiveness in Italy and at the same time, to fight against the  deplorable phenomenon of the abandonment of animales.”

The iniziative is supported by the web portal with a very pleasant graphic, that contains a series of tips and a list of accomodation facilities that accept pets.

Naturally also our hotel is on the portal, as it has always welcomed your small friends: so much that the Nyala Suite Hotel has created a special card  of services: Nyala Pet Hospitality, for the hospitality of cats, dogs, etc.

In addition in our hotel accompained pets :) don’t pay a cent !