AutunnoNero Ghost Tour in Triora

AutunnoNero Ghost Tour in Triora

The town of witches  and mysteries, Triora, in Alta Valle Argentina, is ready to make you pass a spine chilling summer! Not bad considering the predictions of boiling hot days and heat waves that summer 2012 has in reserve for us!

Mystery and occult are ready to welcome you in an eerie Ghost Tour along the streets and alleyways of  Triora,  a night walk that can hide many surprises…

For the entire summer 2012 every Saturday evening from 10pm there will be a guided tour of about an hour for groups of no more than 35 persons, the departure is fixed in front of  Palazzo del Comune in Corso Italia 9, in Triora.

This interesting initiative is run by the organizers of the Autunnonero event, already famous for their excursions in the nightmare and in the witchcraft  and all that is related to the obscure world, up and down the Riviera,  hinterland included.

To get more information and to learn more about these mysterious tours to hunt down witches and ghosts all you need to do is visit the website of Autunnonero.….at your own risk!