San Remo Rally 2011

Mar 24, 2012

The San Remo Rally is ready to celebrate its 53rd edition, from September  20 to September 24  a rich calendar of appointments that will be the backdrop of the special trials in the hinterland of the province of Imperia.

The trial will be valid for the Intercontinental Rally Challenge and the partecipation to the races as pilots or as car manufactuers will be worldwide.

For the edition 2011 there will be a novelty, in fact the San Remo Rally will be valid also for the Asphalt Rally Trophy that allows lovers of motore engines to see parade along with the queens of the Rallies, the S2000, the Wrc, the trophies Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Ford and Citroen. On Monday September 19 the side events will begin with the inauguration in Piazza Borea d’Olmo in San Remo of the exhibition dedicated to the Rally, “History of San Remo”.

Tuesday 20 will be the pre -control day for the racing cars and Wednesday 21 the Press Room (in the former warehouse FS) ,the Assistence ParK and the Rally Village, on the Promenade of the Nations (Lungomare of the Nations) and the Carlo Dapporto Square.

Wednesday evening from 10,00  the great welcome party in the Bresca Square for all rally drivers, tourists and residents that want to partecipate at the great evening of music and fun! Thursay 22 from 12,00 to 7,00 pm in Taggia there will the Park Assistance Test and Friday 23 and Saturday 24 the test drive will take place on the roads of the hinterland of San Remo.

There will be 9 special trials for 125,28 km for a total distance of 357.04 km, the race will be trasmitted on Sky on channel  515.

San Remo: hotels and pets

Mar 24, 2012
Il progetto Turisti a 4 Zampe

Il progetto Turisti a 4 Zampe

In the past days, the  Ministry of Tourism launched the new project Turisti a 4 zampe,(Four- legged tourists) dedicated to all those who love to travel in the company of their pet.

“Two are the purposes of the project: to improve the touristic competiveness in Italy and at the same time, to fight against the  deplorable phenomenon of the abandonment of animales.”

The iniziative is supported by the web portal with a very pleasant graphic, that contains a series of tips and a list of accomodation facilities that accept pets.

Naturally also our hotel is on the portal, as it has always welcomed your small friends: so much that the Nyala Suite Hotel has created a special card  of services: Nyala Pet Hospitality, for the hospitality of cats, dogs, etc.

In addition in our hotel accompained pets 🙂 don’t pay a cent !

In exhibition the watercolors by Libereso Gugliemi

The watercolors by Libereso Gugliemi are visitable in the prestigous Nyala Art Rooms. It’s about delicate representations of flowers, plants and vegetables, characterized by representive lightness and expressive immediacy. The subjects, now taken  individually and then gathered in small or big families are studied and loved by Libereso. In all of them the gardener of Mario Calvino  captures the essentiality, the personality. Every flower, every plant has its own story. And Gugliemo Liberese tells it through these delicate and light representations.


Libereso Guglielmi

Nyala Art Rooms
Every day from 9:00 am to 7:00pm
Free entrance

The Nyala Suite Hotel changes skin on Facebook

Mi Piace il Nyala Suite Hotel su FB

Nowadays social networks are an important part of  websites, their importance are comparable to the importance of a website. They’re considered as a  tool of direct communication with potential clients, they’re also considered as a new showcase, where anyone can satisfy his curiosity.

Strong of all the works of  modernization which have taken place  this year (all the rooms completly rennovated in the equipment and in the furnishing, new public areas and much more), the Nyala Suite Hotel, has decided to redo the  make up of its website, with the release of its website, that occured a few months ago and of a new “I like it”  page (ex  “Fan” page) on Facebook.

The new page on Facebook dedicated to the Nyala Suite hotel, presents a new graphic interface of design, on the left menu you can find a series of informations related to the hotel, rooms, public areas and also all the services that our hotel offer, all ” colored” by brand new photos.

Slippering towards the footer of the page you can find all the specialities of the hotel, cycling and family, members respectively of the Italy Family and the Italy Bike Hotel, therefore more informations about all the additional services offered by these categories.
Last but not least, our hotel is pet friendly, our four legged friends are not only accepted but also cuddled as if they were at home.

Another important part of the page are the special offers, keeping this section under control you can benefit of special holiday packages at absolutely attractive prices and conditions but remember: the offers are valid only for those who “like” our page and are only bookable  through our contattiv.

So, are you curious?  Want  a vacation? Start with  “I like it”  and you won’t get disappointed and get ready for a vacation!!



Easter in the Flower Riviera

Sunday April  8 it will be Easter and if you’re among the lucky ones that have the possibilty to carve out a short holiday, the Flower Riviera is ready  to welcome you!

The range of offers is very wide and it manages to satisfy everyone, from adults to children, young and old…

For those who love the sea, the first days of Spring will  offer you beautiful walks on the beach, between the sound of the waves and the sand, children  can run at breakneck speed and if the sea breeze accompanies you it would be a lot of fun to make kites fly!

For who instead desire an angle of tranquillity, can relax with the sound of the waves reading a good book under the warm April sun!

Naturally athlets are welcomed in the Riviera, bikers and and runners can take advantage of the bike path that crosses the major towns of the coast overlooking the sea, surrounded by luxuriant Mediterranean plants.

In addition to these activities you can play tennis, golf, go horse riding, sailing, trekking or use the mountain bike in the nearby hinterland….

The hinterland of the Flower Riviera is a reality all to be discovered, a series of towns and villages nestled up to the feet of the Maritime Alps, each one of them different, with traditions, culture and wine and food full of facets, with a past all to be discovered little by little, to savor  its best …and cherish it in one’s heart forever!